The Top 6 Places in Kansas You Should Visit

Not to be confused with Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas – this is a vibrant and historically rich city and if you travel then there are already many wonderful places to see things and attractions. Situated on the border of Kansas City, about 250 miles west of St. Louis, this city is one of the only cities in the United States, which is located on the border of two states, Kansas and Missouri.

It is important to note that the Missouri side is the place where do not forget about the renovated downtown area, many museums, historical areas, and the rich history of this great city.

On the side of Kansas, the city is mostly made up of suburbs and in reality, there is a lack of many areas of genuine interest. When traveling to this great city you will need AVIS car rental Wichita ks services.

The city was financially damaged during the Civil War, but it was later revived during the Railway Train Revolution, which saw thousands of godowns in the state. Today, there is a mixture of cultures and ethnicities in the city, which has created a vibrant city area with art, science, shopping areas and professional sports teams, which, of course, Earned your rights, in Midwest City. The following are the top places you need to visit in Kansas:

Kansas City Zoo

One of the largest and most complete zoos in the entire United States, this park boasts a wonderful hundred acres of land that sits on it. It is really huge, so they have tram-trains from one end of the zoo to the other end, where the two-hour walk can be done for both sides on foot. The zoo presents animals around the world and it is so popular that the park sees about three-quarters of a million visitors annually. Do not forget to take a guided train visit to the zoo, in fact, enjoy all the performances you have presented.


Kansas City, MO Perhaps the oldest historical neighborhood in the entire city, and in this state, some buildings built of red brick in this area are so old that it was used as a checkpoint for settlers and pioneers. In addition to history and many protected buildings, this area is decorated with a large number of unique restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, boutiques, and cafes.

18th & Vine District

This is the number one place you should see if you find yourself in this great city. It is notable that musicians from around the world are called jazz, and this site was an inspiration for some great jazz.

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Experience some of the most famous art pieces in the world directly. Just you can be told some of the artist’s works, which you can see here. The museum has several sections, including a real Egyptian tomb.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

This great museum of contemporary art has many different facets. From the top, the building is designed to look like a bird with flying wings. Inside, spectators can enjoy some of the world’s most outstanding contemporary art.

The above are some of the places you need to visit in this great city of Kansas. The city has numerous attractions sites which attract many visitors. The rental24h Wichita is important in facilitating travelers movement to each of these places.