Natural Sights to Visit in Miami, Part 2

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Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park has the status of an international biosphere reserve and covers more than 6 thousand square kilometers. This is mostly untouched wildlife. The Everglades’ territory keeps over 2000 species of various plants and many animals, some of which are endangered species. The natural landscape is also very diverse – it’s presented with swamps, prairies, mangroves and cypress thickets. You can move around the territory either by car or on foot, or by bicycle. Boat excursions are very popular too, since most of the park is located on the water.

(photo by Earl No Little Finger)

There are a lot of routes to explore the park – the choice depends on the time that the tourist has and his personal preferences. Also, you’ll be able to choose itineraries according on the current season and the place where the trip began. In the park you can stay overnight or even spend your vacation. The admission to the territory costs $25 for a car and $8 for a pedestrian. The ticket is valid for 7 days. You can purchase annual subscriptions. The park is always open, at any time of the year and day.

Address: 40001 State Road 9336, FL

Pinecrest Gardens

Pinecrest Gardens are located in Pinecrest, which is a suburb of Miami-Dade County. Earlier this place was the popular theme park Parrot Jungle, but it was moved to Watson Island, and the botanical garden remained and pleases visitors with a well-groomed territory and convenient infrastructure. In addition to walking through shady alleys and admiring plants and animals – turtles, swans, lizards, herons, the park offers a large number of entertainments for children. They include the contact zoo, as well as Splash & Play gaming area with attractions and water activities, giant chess and checkers, fish feeding and performances at the local amphitheater.

Pinecrest Gardens

(photo by Kyle Wicomb)

On Sundays from 9am till 2pm an organic farmers market takes place there, where you can buy organic products from local producers – fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, honey and herbs. The park is open from 9-10am till 5-6pm, depending on the season and day of the week. The ticket costs $5, for children under 2 years old admission is free of charge.